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Hello ! As you all know that TikTok is a short video sharing platform, and it is becoming very popular and in view of this, today’s young people are using it in huge amounts. Lots making video TikTok youth to create their own recognition and today’s post we TikTok Video Ko Viral Kaise Kare are going to give some crucial information about it! After your video is somewhat increase expected viral! We have also given information about in a post !

How To Make TikTok Video Viral – TikTok Tricks

See how to increase Likes Kaise Badhaye on TikTok and followers on TikTok, for this you will get many websites and applications that will give you Fake Followers and Fake Likes, but you will not find any such application and website to make your videos viral. You can make your video viral, but today we will tell you the ways that if you adopt, then your video will be expected to be viral till date.

  • Unique concept
  • Watch Time
  • HasTag
  • Regular Upload
  • Duet video
  • Cover Trending Topic

☆ Unique  Concept

Most of the same videos are viral on TikTok in which you get to see some unique videos in which some of the videos are different from others. Videos copied by others are rarely viral. Try to have some different concepts in the video and you can also use VFX to make the video more attractive.

☆ Watch Time

Tik Tok YouTube and all other videos on Shayari platform said that behind a video going viral is its Watch Time. Watch Time means how long the viewers have been watching that video, if the watchtime is coming more on your video then your video will become viral. Create scheduled videos on story, poetry, and information to extend Watch Time

☆ HasTag

HasTag is a way through which your video can reach the most people. You are according to your video in your video and must use viral Hastag time such as #TikTok #Trending #Viral etc. Use all those Hastag At that time, you are trending.

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 Regular Upload

Upload videos every day, regular uploading will increase your account’s rich, so that your videos will reach the most people and by uploading daily it is expected that if a video will play well, then you must add something everyday.

☆ Duet  Video

Make your duet video with big ticket takers, this means that their followers will reach your account after watching your video and in that case if they like your video then they can also follow you. Duet video is a good way to quickly make videos viral.

  Cover Trending Topic

Try to always make a video on the trending topic and as I told you above, use Hastag. If a new Bollywood or Punjabi song or song of any kind is trending, then you must make a video on that song and Use a similar Hastag to that song. There is a lot of hope that your tick talk video will go viral.

We have given you some information about how to make a tick talk video viral in this article. Firstly make quality content to make the tick talk video viral. Increase the watch time on your video. Use HasTag to create your duet video with big ticktokers. And the most important trending is definitely make a video on the things that are going on and use the similar #HasTag all these things If you use them, then hopefully your TikTok video can go viral.


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